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Restorative dentistry is about restoring teeth and proper bite function using dental crowns, bridges, fillings and dentures. A dental crown or “cap” is essentially a tooth cover that protects the tooth. A dental crown can restore the shape, size, strength and appearance of a tooth. Crowns have many purposes:

  • Protect a heavily decayed tooth
  • Rebuild a broken tooth
  • Cover and support a tooth with a large filling
  • Hold bridgework in place
  • Cover a discolored or misshapen tooth

We can fabricate crowns from several materials:

  • Zirconia-reinforced
  • All-porcelain
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • Gold or noble alloys

We place non-metal crowns for those with allergies.


For those with significant tooth loss, dentures may be the best solution for a comfortable bite. We custom-make all dentures right here in our dental clinic and adjust them as often as needed to maximize your comfort.

Partial Dentures

A partial consists of multiple fabricated teeth on a base that blends in with your gums. Unlike full dentures, partial dentures can be fitted together with your existing teeth like the pieces of a puzzle. For people missing more than a couple of teeth, partial dentures are a better alternative than bridges, which must be anchored to adjacent healthy teeth.

Full Dentures

A full denture is usually what we think of as a denture. It consists of a complete upper or lower row of teeth mounted on a gum-colored base to blend with your actual gums.

“Fixed” Dentures And Partials

Dentures do not need to be removed. Implant-supported full and partial dentures can be anchored to the jawbone using a brief surgical procedure here in our dental clinic.

Dentistry for Wellness

How does dental health affect your general wellness? Far more than most people realize. For example, proper nutrition affects your teeth as much as “conventional” dental care. Likewise, the health of your teeth and gums directly impacts other areas of your physical health. The American Dental Association has linked gum disease to heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses. That’s why we do not use harmful materials such as mercury. We place only mercury-free restorations (crowns, bridges, etc.).

To schedule an appointment in our Santa Rosa dental office, please call 707.546.7699 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. Patients come to us for restorative procedures from Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Fulton, Rohnert Park, Kenwood and nearby locations.

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