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Periodontics is a dental specialization that focuses on gums and other tissues that surround and support teeth. Both Dr. Lawrence and our hygienist are laser-certified. We use lasers for gum surgery and deep cleaning. We also use lasers extensively for cold-sore treatment and denture sore treatment. We have a board-certified periodontist on staff who can help in the following areas:

Gum Tissue Graft

Gum lines recede over time due to periodontal or gum disease, exposing your tooth roots to hot and cold temperatures as well as marring your smile. Fortunately, this condition can be treated. A gum tissue graft removes soft tissue from your palate or another donor source to cover up the exposed part of the tooth root. This procedure can halt further gum recession and bone loss. A gum tissue graft can beautify your smile and improve your periodontal health.

Gingival Recontouring

Also known as gingivectomy, gingival recontouring involves moving back the gingiva when the gum line is uneven or the patient has a “gummy smile.”

Crown Lengthening

As opposed to tissue grafting, crown lengthening exposes more of a tooth above the gum line. An insufficient amount of a tooth won’t support a filling or a crown. Crown lengthening may also be necessary for removing excess gum tissue around their upper teeth, which results in a “gummy smile.” In some cases, crown lengthening also involves removal of some bone from around the roots of the teeth.

Apicoectomy & Root Removal

Sometimes root canal therapy is not enough. The treatment does not always remove inflamed or infected tissues in the many smaller branches off the main root canal. Fortunately, we can still be save the tooth through root end surgery, also known as apicoectomy. In this form of microsurgery, we remove a tooth’s root tip and replace it with a biocompatible filling. An apicoectomy is not the same as root removal, where we remove a single root from a multi-root tooth (e.g. a molar). Root removal makes sense for teeth with strong bone support, underlying gums and surfaces. When an otherwise healthy tooth has problems at its roots, this treatment can save it from extraction.

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